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Interiors: 2018 Trends and why they really don’t matter!

Trends really couldn’t matter less in the home. It’s your home, after all, and when it comes to interiors, what really matters is that you are comfortable, you love the things you’ve chosen to put in it and it all works for you and yours. But that said, we are all influenced by fashion and of course, by what items are available when we’re scouring the shops to give our homes that little new year boost.

So, what interior styles and trends are being predicted for 2018?

We start with the ‘statement ceiling’! It’s time to start looking up and think about how to inject some interest into the, often ignored, face of the box we call a room.  Patterned wallpapers, mouldings, interesting colours and textures should all be considered. On the floor, terrazzo is making a comeback. Originated over 500 years ago and popular in the 50’s and 60’s it is made up of a series of marble chippings set into concrete and polished to create a smooth surface. And when it comes to walls, plenty of pictures are the order of the day.

Colours are rich in 2018 with jewel like tones of rich berry and teal. Mixed metallic shades are still around but with brass and gold taking centre stage away from the bronze and rose gold of 2017. Kitchens are increasingly being seen in mixed materials and colours and moving away from the ‘all white’ and clinical look. Bold floral prints are in and it seems that everybody wants a glamorous bathroom that makes them feel as if they’re in a spa!….

But, who really cares? ‘Do you like it and can you live with it?’ is the only issue.

Anne Springall
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