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It’s time to think green & clean…

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Climate change is a hot topic on everybody’s lips. We cannot deny the changes that are happening all around us and we all need to do our bit to help decarbonise the planet. There are many producers of carbon with farming and transport being big contributors but our homes are also one of the biggest. As inhabitants of this world, we believe we need to look closely at our homes and our lifestyle to see what we can do to cut our individual carbon footprint. When looking closely at our homes the emphasis is on ‘energy-saving’ and how making simple and some bigger changes to our homes will not only help cut the carbon but also help to reduce our energy bills. It’s time to think green and clean…

The construction world has been talking about retrofitting homes for decades, but the subject is only just becoming more talked about as the issue of climate change becomes more desperate. Much of the housing stock in the UK is losing heat through single glazed windows, uninsulated walls and lofts, and draughts in all kinds of places. All of this pushes your energy bills skywards helped along by old heating systems. Now not everyone has thousands and thousands to pay on a deep retrofit, however, the great thing with a retrofit project is that an energy-saving plan can be designed to put your home on a journey guiding you on the best route for your home.

Getting retrofit right is a complicated business but there are Retrofit Coordinators out there to work out the complicated calculations for you. You’ll hear them talking about thermal conductivity, U-values, thermal bridges, space heating, airtightness and so much more. Your home is potentially losing a lot of energy and therefore heat, but first, it must be established where this is occurring.

Retrofitting your home goes hand in hand with maintenance and repairs so before you start adding in insulation, triple-glazed windows and a fancy new heating system you really must address those damp and deterioration areas first so you have control on any moisture issues.

“Correct retrofit is a fabric first approach”

Did you know that if you insulate you must ventilate too? That’s right, otherwise, your newly insulated and comfy home may soon find itself with some new moisture problems. This is why proper assessment by the people that know is so important! Good controlled ventilation will also greatly improve the internal air quality and thus bring health benefits with it.

Now let’s remember, every home is unique and each has its own energy use which is affected by the occupants’ lifestyle and the properties characteristics. It isn’t a case of one size fits all. But one thing for sure is that if we have any chance of hitting the government goal of zero carbon emissions we all need to take a closer look at our homes.

Here’s something to consider…

Did you know any property built before 1990 is now known as an older building, which means it is thermally inefficient!

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