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tiny house

There’s a new movement in the world of homes and interiors which is all about creating a home in a tiny space. There are weeny cabins on wheels, homes made from storage containers, water tanks and all manner of things. Homes are being built above, below, behind, and in-between existing properties and the answer to making these small spaces a success to live in, is clever and beautiful design. Each detail needs to be thought through with a space for everything and everything in its place. William Morris said – “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” but in a tiny house, ideally you need everything to be both useful and a pleasure to look at and there is no room for either superfluous belongings or those that do not have a storage space. Everything counts in a small space.

Take inspiration from caravanning or from packing your holiday suitcase and rationalise your lifestyle. If you use a bike every day to travel to work, then hang it on the wall; but if you use it for a circuit of the park twice a year then it’ll have to go! There won’t be room for masses of spare bedding or clothes that you wear once in a blue moon but let’s say shoes are an important part of your life? Find a storage solution for them. Build drawers into the risers on a staircase or find a corner where you can hang them from a wall. Built in furniture can make optimum use of the space available by having storage under seating, shelves around doorways, hooks for bits and bobs and leaving no space unusable. A sleeping platform makes great use of the height of a room and whilst you may not be able to stand up by your bed or mattress if you fill the space with floor cushions it can make an excellent space for relaxing and tv watching if your living space doesn’t accommodate a comfy sofa.

Could Tiny Houses be the next property revolution? Google it!

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