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Anne Springhall

With all the new spring interior collections hitting the shops there’s something to suit everyone, from classic florals to full-on modernism. But with the trend for grey walls waning, the colour that’s set to brighten our homes and our lives is PINK! From the brightest of bubble gum pink to the much more subtle soft blush or natural plaster, we can use pink to give a modern twist to our homes.

You could keep your grey walls and add punchy pink accents in fabrics and accessories or go all out and use pink on walls as a base colour to build your interior scheme upon. When paired with darker colours such as a rich navy or a dark green, pink looks very fresh and can cut a dash in a lounge, kitchen or hallway in bold printed wallpapers, subtle painted walls or boldly paired with graphic black and white. Add some rock n roll accents like studded leather work and skull pictures and you couldn’t be further from the traditional ‘soft and fluffy’ image of pink. Metallics are also fabulous paired with pink and not only that, but metallic also comes in pink with the ‘rose gold’ that we are seeing everywhere from jewellery to picture frames. When you look at nature you can see that hints of the colour can be found in marble, mother of pearl, shells, sand, coral and rock so this can be used as inspiration. Pink casts a very flattering light so is perfect in a bedroom or a bathroom to set you up for the day with confidence!

But the love doesn’t stop there as it is also thought that looking at the colour pink releases dopamine – the ‘feel good’ hormone. So it could actually be good for us? Who’d have thought it?!

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