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outdoor livingAs I write this article we are basked in glorious sunshine and being told to beware of overheating. Now, who knows if such is the case by the time you are reading this? But, nevertheless, as a nation of eternal optimists when it comes to the sunshine our thoughts turn to outdoor living. By that, I don’t mean a tent in the park but making the best of any outdoor space we might have at home!

Having spent so many months wrapped up in our woollies and only going outside when absolutely necessary there is a strong chance that ‘outside’ has been neglected. So, having dusted off the furniture and parasols how can we spruce up the look?

Patios, decking and balconies can be thought of just the same as any room inside the house. Seating can be a table and chairs, but equally consider the lounging option of sofas, armchairs and beanbags. Building seating in to your space is a great idea as it’s available all year round and doesn’t need to be stored away.  Rugs, throws, tablecloths and cushions add colour and comfort. There are now many outdoor fabrics available that will endure the elements (although it’s still a good idea to pack them away through the winter) or alternatively use washable fabrics. Go for a tropical look with lush deep tones and vibrant patterns, a pretty English feel with floral prints and gingham or James Bond pzazz with sleek metallic finishes, a touch of animal print and some classic martini glasses.

The 1970’s swing seat has had a revival and been redesigned by many companies to suit a sleek modern garden, and of course, comes with its own built in shade. Pod seats are also very fashionable and not only shield you from the sun but can come with drinks’ holders, lighting and incorporated sound systems! Modern parasols have been re-designed as statement pieces and outdoor kitchens are replacing the humble barbeque. So, let’s start living outdoors and keep our fingers crossed that it lasts…………………

Anne Springall is an Interior Designer to the property industry and is available to quote for show homes, refurbishment projects and furnishing properties to let.

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