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Wallpaper and how to use it

Wallpaper has been back for a while now but many of us are still afraid to take the leap preferring our nice ‘easy to maintain’ emulsion finish. But sometimes a bare painted wall can feel a little cold and wallpaper instantly adds character and warmth. But the dilemma remains about how to decide and how to use it?

The decision about which paper to use is almost entirely down to personal taste but there are many inventive ways to use wallpaper without covering your walls floor to ceiling. People often paper a ‘feature’ wall which is usually the chimney breast wall in a Lounge or the wall behind the bed in a bedroom but there are also more interesting options.

Turn the feature wall on its head by papering the whole room except the chimney breast and therefore making the most of an attractive fireplace by effectively framing it in a plain colour. Try papering inside recesses including those that may have shelves and therefore lining your shelf unit with wallpaper. A row of built in cupboards or wardrobes can have papered doors to make them blend into the room and cupboards can also be lined in wallpaper to create impact when opened rather like a flashy lining on a suit! Many wallpapers are now sold as panels rather like large canvasses but stuck straight onto the wall.

However if these ideas don’t grab you and the commitment of wallpaper still worries you , frame large pieces of bold papers and hang them on the walls in groups. Either a selection of papers in an eclectic mix of frames for the more cluttered look or large identical frames hung in pairs or threes for a bold, contemporary look.

Happy pasting!

Anne Springall
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