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Welcome to Rio!

Brazilian interiors

It’s an Olympic summer and interiors follow a Brazilian carnival trend with bold patterns, tropical greenery and hot good looks. Powerful clashing colours or strong prints on dark backgrounds teamed with metallic accessories give an exuberant party feel.

There are a plethora of products out there to help create this look. As always, it’s up to you how far you want to go. Maybe a new duvet cover, some cushions, a bold mirror or some colourful new crockery to use at your next BBQ or do you dare take it further?

Dark metallic furniture and accessories such as copper and brass, and rusted finishes against the backdrop of a bold tropical print wallpaper. Clashing patterns and bright splashes of colour on chair pads, cushions and rugs along with bold plants, large statement lights, pictures and quirky accessories mean it’s time to samba. In essence, anything goes. Junk shop finds fit in well using cracking paint finishes, beaten and chipped enamel, brass and glass furniture and vintage wicker. You can’t overdo the accessories in this look; a large gold parrot, a plant hanging in a macramé holder and a bold vase full of colourful feathers along with colourful mixed up crockery and glass.

If you struggle to go the whole hog, how about transforming the smallest room in the house into a tropical rainforest paradise? The perfect place to experiment with such a bold look. Colour can be used on tiles and walls can either be wallpapered with the boldest darkest tropical print you can find or finished in a rich jewel like paint colour. Towels are available in bold plains, stripes or with even more tropical prints. Cupboard doors can be painted in a distressed finish with metallic details and interesting ironmongery. A soap dispenser with parrots on and a mirror with an extravagantly decorative gold frame can finish off the look.

As the rain continues here, you can at least have a carnival every time you visit the bathroom……….

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