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A New Year brings hope, aspiration, and a fresh start for many & the property market is no different. Just like the holiday season in summer, the festive period allows people to relax & reflect on their current situation and many take the step to move house. So if this is going to be you, we thought we would give you 5 things to look out for when choosing the right agent for you.

  1. Do first impressions matter?

Well they can do but don’t be too quick to decide.  Probe the agent – interview them. Do they know the market or are they just a salesman? How well do they know your area?  You are going to have to deal with them over a period of 3 months so that rapport has to be there. 

  1. Monkeys & Peanuts

Fees will be important but have a look what the agent is offering if their fee is slightly higher.   Ask yourself, do I go to the cheapest restaurant to be fed or do I pay slightly more for a better meal?  Choosing an agent shouldn’t be any different.  

  1. Who is holding the camera?

Estate agents are NOT photographers! Choose an agent that appoints external professionals to help showcase your property.  The better it is marketed, the better price you should achieve. 

  1. Price it correctly 

Let’s be honest, we all are emotionally attached to our homes so it is important to be realistic on price especially in the current market. Get a minimum of three agents to value your house and ask for a realistic valuation. We all like a challenge but ask for comparable evidence to support the suggested sale price. 

  1. Length of contract 

Read the agent’s terms and conditions. If they are committing you to longer than 12 weeks, be sceptical as to whether they are confident of selling your property. 

Good luck from all of us @ Rash & Rash in Southgate!

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