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Property Maintenance and Repairs = Property Longevity

Two men working on a tile roof

We live in a day and age where we are all leading very busy lives and as a downside we end up feeling “time poor”, as a result the boring subject of maintenance and repairs often gets pushed to the side. However it is important to remember that your property is your best asset, increasing in value every day and therefore it should be looked after.

When it comes to Property maintenance there could be no more apt saying than “Prevention is better than cure”. Regular maintenance is simply the most cost-effective way to look after your property. By resolving those smaller issues at an early stage before they become big problems, can and will save you thousands of pounds on major repair works later on, as well as achieving the best value when selling your property.

There are small maintenance jobs you can do yourself which won’t cost you much money, just a little time; such as checking and clearing the gutters and downpipes from debris, looking after ground maintenance and clearing any foliage off your property such plants, moss or algae which can work their way into the mortar joints and into your tiles.

You should regularly check your property defective pointing, damaged render, spalled or damaged brickwork and any signs of damage to the roof, tiles, chimney, flashing, joinery, etc., is a very worthwhile habit to get into. Regular checks will nip a problem in the bud before it becomes too large.

If you own an older or larger property you really should aim to have your property inspected by a seasoned professional a maximum of every five years. If you notice issues developing then you should step on this immediately and not wait. The age of the property, its location and susceptibility to prevailing weather conditions will be the main determining factors in how often you should inspect your property and for important maintenance to take place. 

“Some places are harder to reach than others to inspect and a ladder will be required for such areas. A professional opinion for the roof area is always recommended”

External defects left untreated will result in internal damp related issues and then you face a whole heap of other costs such as plastering and re-decoration. More often than not it’s only at the first sign of damp in the home does the home owner become alarmed and makes that initial phone call to a professional for help.

We can’t stress enough, don’t leave maintenance and repairs until the issue appears inside, by then it’s already pushed the costs up and could have been sorted far quicker and far earlier. 

Food for thought…. Have you thought how much your car costs you per year? Depreciation, repairs, tyres, tax, cleaning, insurance, fuel – anything from 5-15k a year and it’s a depreciating asset and you probably spend 1-2 hours in it a day. Whereas your house you spend your life in and in comparative terms you spend very little… When did you last spend 10k on your home?


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