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Do you use your home to its full potential?

Ann Springall

I was chatting to Becky ( our editor ) not so long ago, when she mentioned that she might be on the verge of giving up her loft bedroom to her two sons to give them more space. Horrified by this potential sacrifice and knowing the layout of her home, I quickly tried to summon up an alternative plan. How about swapping an underused family living room on the first floor and opposite the boy’s bedroom; for an overfilled but underused playroom off the kitchen downstairs? The family spent most time together when in the kitchen and if the boys were playing their computer games they used the television in the upstairs living room anyway. This way, living on 3 floors means that their home will have more clearly defined zones. The downstairs for everyone together, the first floor for the boys and all the stuff that comes with them! Whilst Mum and Dad keep their master bedroom. Phew!

This got me thinking about how we all use and waste the space available in our homes. Obviously, the less space you have the more streamlined you have to become, but however blessed we are with rooms there are still things we can learn. The main lesson is observation, as to use any space to its optimum it’s vital that you observe your behaviour in your home and try to prioritise your requirements. Don’t fill a dining area with a massive table if you notice that it is rarely used for more than 3 or 4 of you. Ask yourself if it’s worth keeping a double room as a spare room or could you put it to better use and find somewhere else for those occasional visitors? Be creative and ambitious. Just because a room is named as a lounge it can still be a bedroom. A utility room can be an office, a greenhouse or a spare room. It’s up to you…………

Anne Springall
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