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Always follow your hunches

Dave Robson

Having the confidence to follow my hunches was something I learned the hard way. In fact I learned it because of the disastrous consequences I suffered every time I failed to act upon, or at least listen to, my hunches.

I’m not talking about acting on a whim, I’m talking about the guidance you get from your gut feeling, you deepest intuition, your instincts, your own better judgment. And I’m saying you can trust them absolutely to guide your thoughts, actions and feelings even though sometimes they tell you something you don’t want to hear. And as those of you who read my last article will appreciate, the Impeccable Warrior always follows his hunches no matter what, without hesitation.

Here’s an example from real life: I once decided to get a lodger to help me pay my mortgage. Someone turned up who, on the face of it, seemed reasonably OK so I gave him the go-ahead to move in, even though I had an uneasy feeling that I couldn’t put my finger on.

I accepted him because I needed the money.

That’s when I learned that doing something because you need the money is not a good enough reason if something about it feels wrong. Of course the inevitable happened, he turned out to be the lodger from hell and after a few months I had to ask him to leave which, thankfully, he did.

The universe, it seems, has a habit of giving us the same lesson again and again until we get the message, so of course I immediately shot myself in the foot by doing it again. The next person who turned up also turned out to be unsuitable, and again I had ignored my gut feeling that this would not end well, and once again I had to ask her to leave. And again I’d said “yes” in spite of feeling “no” because I needed the money.

That’s when I finally realised that even the best references in the world are no substitute for a positive gut feeling or hunch. I should have listed to myself, whatever the cost.

I finally got it and since then there’s been no problem. I’ve had a succession of lodgers, most of whom stayed about three years, and each one of them has been an absolute diamond. Why? Because I only accepted people who I felt good about. And interestingly, since I adopted this new mindset, I seem to attract mostly people I felt good about. What’s more, each one became a personal friend, even after they left.

I try to be super-aware of this nowadays in all manner of situations that require a careful choice. Good vibrations are what you should be looking for, not something that jars when you think about it. The principle can apply to a job offer, a friend inviting you to go on holiday, an investment, whatever. Actually, it’s a great exercise in mindfulness. When something crops up that requires you to make a decision, ask yourself, “how do I feel about this?”

Then simply follow the guidance that comes up from deep inside. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take references and do credit checks. The Impeccable Warrior also always does his due diligence.

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