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Be the Tortoise

Local Author and Life Coach Dave Robson describes a great technique to successfully tackle even the most daunting of tasks.

OK you’ve translated your dream into a SMART goal, you’re full of hope and optimism and suddenly reality kicks in as you realise you have no idea how you will achieve it or what to do next.

This happens to lots of people and sadly they often give up, feeling flummoxed and frustrated, believing it’s too difficult or even impossible, or they put it off “till later,” which actually means “for ever” in most cases. This is all very well if your goal is not that important to you, but if it’s momentous and life-changing (for the better) it’s a shame – and an unnecessary result.

Let’s recap briefly in case you missed some earlier articles: If your goal is coming from your heart – by which I mean you want to achieve something you’re genuinely passionate about – you can achieve it. This may seem like a sweeping generalisation but in fact there are two very good reasons that make it true:

1) You will have sufficient motivation to do whatever it takes, and to keep going.

2) People tend to have a talent or aptitude for something they are passionate about so you will be doing something that comes naturally, even if it seems difficult at first.

It’s also worth reiterating that it may not be easy, you may have to learn and master new skills, you may require knowledge, training and experience, there may be a price to pay, and it may take some time. But none of those factors is a reason to give up or fail to make a start.

Now here’s the key – put the end goal to the back of your mind and focus only on your first step. This is especially important if you are feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare, and be the tortoise.

It’s also a very good idea to take a little time to make a plan first. A plan can be your best friend because it will help you stay on track and guide and support you when your mind goes blank. It need not be elaborate or lengthy, just a list of bullet points will do. And the quicker and simpler the better, there’s no need to sweat blood over it. You don’t necessarily have to follow it slavishly and you can change and update it anytime you want.

When I was writing my first book, The Five Pillars of Happiness, there were many times I was tempted to give up and go back to an “easy” life in a conventional job and just pick up my paycheck at the end of each month. But I knew I would have died of boredom and frustration if I’d done that. In the end, the goal was achieved exactly in the way I have described – buy focusing on one chapter at a time and thinking of nothing else. And the plan that guided me was basically a list of chapters with a short paragraph of what content was to go into each, and then to start writing the first one and to go on to the end.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Start with a plan and then take step one. Keep going. That’s it!


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