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Arts and Crafts: Wall Clock

clock made from hessian and buttons

Tea and Crafting logoThis is a fun and simple summer holiday craft project for adults and children alike. This will take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.

clock made from hessian and buttonsYou will need:

–        1 embroidery hoop (size 7” works well)

–        quartz clock movement (inexpensive and easily found online via a google search)

–        burlap / jute / hessian fabric

–        spare buttons and yarn

1 – Place the inner portion of your embroidery hoop on a table. Place the fabric on top and then put your outer portion of the embroidery hoop on top and over the inner portion and press down (you may need to unscrew the top to loosen it up).

2- Pull the fabric so it’s taut.

3- Trim the edges as close to the embroidery hoop edge as possible.

4- Attach the clock movement as per instructions.

5 – Attach 12 buttons evenly around the perimeter of the embroidery hoop either with glue or sewing them on using a blunt darning needle and some spare yarn.

6 – Hang on a wall and admire your handmade clock.


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