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TED (Released 1st August)

An adult-themed comedy from the creator of “Family Guy”, Seth Macfarlaine. Mark Wahlberg stars as a man whom, as a young boy, made a Christmas wish to have his favourite teddy bear come to life. The wish came true, however now he’s in his thirties both he and Ted (voiced by Macfarlaine) have struggled to grow up, enraging NAME’s girlfriend (Mila Kunis). A hilarious movie that may have more than a passing resemblance to Macfarlaine’s cartoon, but is a gutter-mouthed treat all the same.


BRAVE (Released 13th August)

Pixar’s latest takes us to ancient Scotland, for a fairy tale about a clan princess (voiced by Kelly MacDonald) whom wishes to avoid the ‘boring’ life of a princess and makes a deal with a witch to ‘change her fate’. However, the deal isn’t quite what she thought and now she must race to repair what she has done. Simply stunning, “Brave” may not quite be the epic that films such as “Up” and “Wall*E”, but is nonetheless a breath-taking, funny and action-packed film that cinema fans both young and old can enjoy.

5 Stars

THE THREE STOOGES (Released 17th August)

A remake of the legendary comedy films, starring Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso as the calamitous trio, who must find a way from saving their orphanage from closure, but end up implicated in a murder plot and the stars of reality TV. Simply one of the worst movies of the year, it would be easy to dismiss “The Three Stooges” as outdated humour, but in reality it’s just badly written, badly acted and just seems altogether half-baked. This laughless mess will provide very little entertainment to anyone whom sees it, let alone any fans of the original movies.

1 Star.

SHADOW DANCER (Released 24th August)

British rising star Andrea Riseborough appears in this sombre drama about a young Irish woman in the early 1990’s who is involved with the IRA. Coaxed by an MI5 agent (Clive Owen), she turns on her friends and family and becomes an informant to save her son. However, both her safety and that of her son is put into question when the IRA generals she works for suspect something is up. Dark, dramatic and often upsetting, it’s a stark reminder of our history featuring some great performances from both Riseborough and Owen.

5 Stars. 

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