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Taken 2TAKEN 2 (4th October)

Liam Neeson is back as the man with a ‘particular set of skills’ as this time he uses all his knowhow to rescue his kidnapped wife (Famke Janssen) from the villains he thwarted last time, navigating the dangerous criminal underworld of Istanbul. Almost exactly the same as the first film, “Taken 2” will never win any points for originality but will provide exactly the same thrills for those whom enjoyed the first film. Put simply- if you enjoyed “Taken”, you’ll love “Taken 2”.

3 Stars

Tim Burton filmFRANKENWEENIE (17th October)

Tim Burton creates a feature-length version of his first ever short film, about a quirky young boy named Victor Frankenstein (you can see where this is going) whose heart is broken when his dog Sparky dies. Determined to get him back, he creates a scientific experiment to bring his pup back to life. All is well, until his jealous classmates learn of his actions and want him to repeat them. A very funny family film that serves as an affectionate love note to classic horror movies, this will be ideal for those who like their animation a little twisted.

4 Stars.

James LuxfordBEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD (19th October)

A moving drama about a father and daughter whom live on an island in a bayou community whose unusual lifestyle is threatened by the rising waters that will eventually destroy their home. As the waters rise, the daughter (Quvenzhané Wallis) must learn as much as she can from her ailing father so that she can fend for herself. Simply wonderful, young Wallis is mesmerising and charismatic in the lead, as we follow her through an often harrowing but uplifting and thought-provoking journey, beautifully illustrated by Benh Zeitlin’s unique vision. One of the films of the year.

5 Stars.

SkyfallPREVIEW: SKYFALL(26th October)

Sadly, we couldn’t get a screening at the time of going to press, however we couldn’t have an October issue without mentioning the latest 007 adventure! This time, Daniel Craig’s James Bond is up against it when a mission goes wrong and the whole of MI6 is under scrutiny. Bond goes after mysterious villain Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem), whom claims to have a connection to both Bond and M (Judy Dench) which will shake the foundations of Bond’s world. Directed by Sam Mendes (“American Beauty”), the cast includes three Oscar winners is Dench, Bardem and Ralph Fiennes, whom joins the cast in an undisclosed role. Expect big action, exotic locations and the biggest scale Bond yet!

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