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Creative Approaches to Learning – SEN (special educational needs)

Learn - Cherry Tree TuitionCherry Tree Tuition is pleased to announce the introduction of an innovative paired one to one tuition scheme for children with SEN (Special Educational Needs) such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and ADHD. These sessions will take a creative approach: combining art, drama, visual and spatial learning styles to provide students with the same equal opportunities as those who learn by conventional classroom teaching methods. The lessons will complement classroom learning as they will provide your child with the tools to unlock the language of traditional teaching conventions.  Helping children to translate the code of their curriculum will not only boost confidence but also allow children to reach their academic potential.

Who we are
Two tutors will be assigned to each learning pair, each tutor bringing an expert approach to child tuition. Sessions will be lead by a former Assistant Child Psychologist, with over 3 years professional experience as a full time private tutor who has specialised in working with children with learning differences.  Also present will be a highly qualified classroom LSA, who not only has expert knowledge of the current curriculum and classroom learning but is the founder of several other creative learning workshops for children.

The process
An initial consultation and assessment will be carried out in order to identify your child’s learning strengths and areas for development and the learning styles that complement these.  This will then enable the tutors to devise a tailor made learning programme combining the creative tools needed to help your child break their barriers to learning. In addition, children will be carefully matched into learning pairs which will boost learning by providing a co-educational dynamic between the children.

The paired tuition design of the sessions will enable the tutors to use the most up to date methods in SEN tuition. Importantly the set up of these tutorials allow for children to gain valuable one to one attention as well as the learning benefits from working alongside a peer. This dynamic fosters an emphasis on cross-curriculum learning through educational activities engaging the senses through the use of colour, movement, sound and narrative. These tutorials provide both a relevant fun experience whilst allowing for children to experience a more realistic representation of learning. The outcome of this approach is that children will experience a confidence building, less isolating experience whilst retaining the essential micro-management needed for SEN private tuition.Cherry Tree Tuition

Within sessions there will be a certain level of transparency used with regard to the teaching methods ensuring they remain child focused, fostering independence in future education as children become aware of how they learn and how they can manoeuvre around their difficulties.

To register, please phone Marion Ryan at 0207 998 5797

or email [email protected]


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