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Different ways of negotiation – mediation collaborative law


Hopkins Murray BeskineAt Hopkin Murray Beskin solicitors (HMB) we have an expert dedicated team specialising in divorce, separation and issues regarding children issues as well as finance and mediation.  Our aim is to ensure that clients find the best way to try to resolve their issues.  We see both private paying clients and those receiving legal aid and are always cost conscious for all our clients.

Over the next few months I will describe some of the things that our clients often ask us about; this month I will focus on divorce/separation and how to keep the dialogue going in order to resolve issues.

How to negotiate the best deal for all involved

HMBIf you can’t reach agreements face to face because trust is at an all time low and emotions high, there are different methods you can try.  At HMB we offer an early meeting with a solicitor to explain your legal rights and what to expect so that you can start to think about the future. Here are some options for keeping the dialogue flowing:

Solicitor’s negotiation

You can use your solicitor to negotiate with your ex-partner’s solicitor.  If agreement can’t be reached this way, you can go to the court where there is a good system for settling disputes. You both work towards a meeting at the court (a Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing) when you will have exchanged financial information in advance. At that hearing, everyone basically rolls up their sleeves and gets down to settling there and then, with a Judge available for guidance.


An alternative is mediation where both of you will meet with a mediator  and work together to try and reach agreement.  Mediators come from a variety of backgrounds including legal, counselling, finance and social work backgrounds; for example I myself am a family mediator as well as a solicitor.  The aim is to arrive at a range of options to run past your solicitor, and then transfer agreements into a binding court order through a fairly simple legal process.

Collaborative law

In collaborative law most of the work takes place in meetings with both of you and both solicitors at the same time known as Four Way Meetings.  Collaborative law offers the opportunity to agree on the widest range of issues often with fine tuning. You are encouraged to agree on the principles you would like to follow – for example that you want to feel it has been fair to the whole family.

If you choose HMB Solicitors to help you we will discuss all the possible options, guide you as to the best way to move forward at what is always a difficult and stressful time, as well as discussing fixed fee options and estimates of costs. Ultimately, the route you will take will depend upon what suits you personally.

If you would like to discuss any particular problems, please call HMB Solicitors on 020 7272 1234 or email us [email protected]

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