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Education – Easter Holiday Revision

How do we focus the minds of GCSE students over the Easter holidays? This is the time of year when exams begin to loom and anxiety around exam preparation sets in. Easter holidays provide a good opportunity for students to review and consolidate knowledge with exams just a few months away.

Revision is an intrinsic part of every successful student’s schedule. What is required is a short intensive burst of focused revision over the holiday to get the revision process going.

Revision tips

Aim to work for a minimum of 4 hours a day.

For instance;-

Two hours before lunch and two hours after is a sensible timescale.

Before approaching a revision session make a plan.  Have some exam papers to hand, write down what you know will come up in exam questions and make a list of the key topics that you need to learn.

It is very tempting to revise only what you know and although it will consolidate learning it will not necessary improve grades.  A good approach to study is to use the mornings to work on topics that are new or are difficult to understand and use the afternoon to revise topics you’ve already learnt.

Studying by oneself takes a lot of motivation but despite their best intentions not many students possess the will power and discipline to achieve much effective work during the holidays. Many parents complain that no matter how disciplined the child, the distractions are just too great: texting, facebook, twitter and browsing the internet.  Schools are shut during the holidays and teenagers are suddenly faced with having to provide a structure to their day with all the distractions in the home. The alternative is an environment that offers the structure of a school day with supervised study by experienced teachers

Cherry Tree Tuition Centre provides a structured learning environment where your child can come and focus on their revision topics without the many distractions of home. Students have the opportunity to study in a completely distraction-free environment, in an atmosphere that is calm and focused on learning.

Revision is strictly supervised by experienced staff who ensure that nothing but meaningful study takes place at all times.

Sessions will be offered in small groups of six students on the following dates.

Monday – Thursday 2nd – 5th April

Tuesday – Saturday 10th – 14th April

9.30 – 11.30

12.30 – 2.00

2.30 – 4.30

Students can attend for as many or as few sessions as they wish.

Fees are £12.00 per two hour session

(Students may also avail of one to one booster sessions in core subjects: English, Maths and Science)

To register, please phone Marion Ryan at 020 7998 5797

or e-mail [email protected]


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