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How to keep your kids safe online…

child safety

computer safetyLet’s be honest, all our children love using computers. They spend so much time on the computer, be it for fun or to do their homework.

My clients regularly admit to knowing far less about technology in general than their children. Regardless of how much they know, it is our responsibility as their parents to make sure that they stay safe on-line.

I can assure you just because Google filters out adult websites that does not stop a mildly savvy young person from typing in a web address.

children's safety on computersIt is a lot easier than you think to setup effective security that should put your mind to rest. You may be relaxed about your children’s browsing habits but you also need to consider their friends, many of whom will browse away when they are in your house.

Here are my top 5 tips to get you started. These do differ slightly depending on your operating system child safety on computer(these are based on Windows 7):

  1. Make sure your account on the computer has a password and your children never find out what it is.
  2. Set your kids up with their own user account on the computer (found in the Windows Control Panel under ‘User Accounts’) – make sure their account is a ‘Standard Account’ – whilst yours is an ‘Administrator Account’.
  3. Google – ‘Download Microsoft Family Safety’, make sure you go to a Microsoft Web Site to download and install this amazing free bit of software.
  4. Once this is installed you will be asked to create a Microsoft Account, if you don’t already have a Hotmail email address, don’t worry, you won’t be given a new e-mail address, you can register your existing address with them.
  5. Your new found best friend will then allow you to control exactly what your kids can and can’t do online, even offering time controls too! All this can be done on their computer and once installed you can remotely change the settings online from any computer to see what they have been up to, without even having to ask them. It takes 5 minutes to setup.

child safetyIt is a very simple and friendly system and the responsible thing to do.

My last two tips for installation are:

1. Wait until the kids are in bed to set this up

2. Don’t let them pester you into taking off the protection because it’s ‘annoying’.

Don’t just stop at protecting your PC or Mac, if your children have a smart phone you can protect this too. If you want any help and advice just give me a call.

Richard Darsa – Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07768 200551

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