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Single Sex Education: A Pathway to Success


In January Palmers Green High School (PGHS) welcomed their new Headmistress, Mrs Wendy Kempster, who joined them from Loughborough High School where she had been Deputy Headmistress for five years.  During her career, Mrs Kempster has held a wide variety of posts in a range of schools across the country. However, her passion is for educating girls in single sex schools and there are many reasons for this.

Five reasons to choose a Girls’ School:

  • You can customise the teaching to suit girls and override the fact that girls and boys mature at different rates.
  • The environment gives the girls confidence to be themselves and teaches them that there is enormous potential and power in being a girl.
  • There are many positive role models in school and amongst the alumnae.
  • There is no gender intensification and the girls are happy to access the whole curriculum. Girls at all-girls’ schools are much more likely to study A-level maths, science and languages compared to all-girls nationally according to a survey carried out by the Girls’ School Association (GSA).
  • All leadership roles are held by girls which enables them to leave with enhanced self-confidence and the skills to succeed in the 21st century.

Palmers Green High School is an academically selective, small, suburban girls’ school. Girls can join the school at age 3 in our Pre-prep nursery and continue their education right through to age 16 when they leave us to join their chosen 6th form. We are the only independent girls’ school in the area that can offer this ‘one school ethos’.



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