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Do what you love, love what you do by Dave Robson Life Coach

“Life’s too short for wishing, hoping, having good intentions or being envious of someone else’s ‘good fortune,’” says local author and personal life  coach Dave Robson. “Let’s decide what   we truly want  and take action to   make it happen.”

If you spend your time doing what you love – something you are naturally good at – you are far more likely to be successful, and you will feel satisfied and fulfilled knowing that the service or product you provide gives real value.

Yet there are many reasons why people stray from their path, or indeed never go near it, and usually it’s because of conscious or unconscious fear and/ or disbelief.

Let’s begin by asking, “what is your passion?” or to put it another way, “what do you love to do?” We are not yet asking how we can make money out of this idea. That’s putting the cart before the horse. So to be absolutely clear let’s put it another way: “If money were no object, if you had no dependents, no mortgage or other financial commitments, what would you love to do tomorrow?” We want an answer from your heart, not from your head.

Most people believe that if what they love is non-mainstream, or in a competitive or highly niched field, poverty is inevitable. But because you are doing what you love, your enthusiasm and commitment is infectious, and that makes all the difference.

The scariness is because sometimes you won’t know how money will come or how you will earn a living from your passion, and I’m certainly not advocating leaving it in the lap of the gods, nor taking a leap of faith. You first need a vision, a plan, a strategy, you need persistence, but most of all you need courage.

When you create a goal, you do not necessarily have to know how you will achieve it beforehand. You simply have to work out your first step and take action. Then your second step, then your third, etc., until your path ahead emerges more clearly as new opportunities open up. Continuing to move ahead one step at a time is a liberating and powerful strategy, and it will get you where you want to be every time. And it’s so simple, anyone can do it.

You also need to believe in yourself, and some people find that impossible. Not to worry, I have a great tool to help with that as well, which I’ll tell you about in another article soon.

I have many clients who suddenly woke up, realising they have spent too long not doing what they love. They feel sick at heart as a result. Now their top goal is to re-invent themselves so they can at last live out their passions and lead a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. Some are so far removed from their true selves they can’t remember what their passions are, what they truly want or what their calling might be. But deep inside you do know what makes your heart sing, but you may have blotted it out, and courage will be required to re-connect, to remember and to acknowledge it.

The search for happiness has to be focused within, and usually it’s a process of re-discovery and re-balancing. If you are to achieve the happiness you yearn for, there is no room for compromise.


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