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Winterproof your home – and make it summer indoors!

Winterproof your home

Muswell Hill Sustainability GroupThey say there’s no bad weather, just the wrong clothes.  You might say the same for our homes – poorly ‘dressed’ homes with shabby insulation, draught-proofing, heating and ventilation all lead to cold, draughts, damp and mould.  Which in turn mean our bank balances, our health and our planet suffers.

We’re now paying an average £1,300 a year per household for energy in the UK.  Under-heating in homes which can’t afford that means a threat to health – especially that of the elderly, infants and people with breathing problems.  Meanwhile in the UK 25% of greenhouse gases causing destructive climate change come from homes.

But none of this need be – there’s plenty we can do to keep ourselves and our families snug and well for the rest of the cold weather – and for many winters to come.  And you can stop wasting money on energy as well!

Fun and free energy-saving event on 29th February

Whether you own or rent, are a Muswell Hill old-timer or newcomer,  a free event coming up aims to help save energy, carbon, money and peace of mind.    Organised by the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group, and led by energy expert Tom Ruxton of The HEET Project, Hot Tips for Warm Homes aims to turn you from snowflake to sunflower – in just two hours!

It’s on Monday, 29th February at Muswell Hill Methodist Church, 28 Pages Lane, N10 1PP, 7.30-9.30pm.  During the fun, interactive session, you’ll find out how to:

– Switch energy supplier or tariff (save up to £200 in one year!)

– Insulate and draught-proof your home – for a song!

– Change your habits to save energy and money

Free energy monitor

There’s a free electricity monitor for everyone who attends (one per household) to help keep an eye on how much you’re using.  (You’ll soon discover a light or two left switched on upstairs, or how appliances left on standby gobble up fuel.)

Energy-saving sales

There’s also a chance to buy energy-saving materials at very low cost – nothing’s over £2!  On offer will be draught-proofing brushes for doors and letterboxes and radiator reflector panels to bounce heat back into the room.  Also draught-proofing strips for sash windows – they’ll still look good and you’ll still be able to open them!  Measure up before you come.

We’ll lay on a cup of tea or coffee to warm your insides before you head home to get winterproofing..   Hope to see you there.

Book now!

Places are free but limited, so please book now – email mary@mhsgroup.org


Just moved in?

Wrap up your house or flat to make a comfortable home that’s protected from cold and high energy prices and is easier on the planet.  Insulate well now – before the new cupboards, kitchen, or bathroom go in, the new flooring goes down, and the loft is full of stuff!

Been here for years?

Fancy a household refresh?   If your boiler’s more than 15 years old, it’s worth considering replacing it with a new, efficient model which will pay for itself in 7 years.

Get the family involved

Home energy -saving isn’t just for Mum and Dad.  Kids can draw curtains at dusk to keep heat in.   Hold an all-family ‘Four Minute Shower Challenge’ – who can hop in and out quickest,  and save most hot water?

Tips for tenants

Ask your landlord to snug up your home.  If s/he’s not rushing to do so, take action yourself by fitting warm curtains you can take with you when you move.

For more information:  write to mary@mhsgroup.org or visit www.mhsgroup.org/hottipsforwarmhomes

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