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Growing old disgracefully

Dave Robson

Lots of people I meet have a fear of getting old, but there are many advantages of experiencing your advancing years which can make the whole thing great fun.

My mum, for example, lived to be 98 years old and in her latter years (the last 30 or so) she had a knack of coming out with the most outrageous comments seemingly at the drop of a hat because she realised that whatever she said, it no longer mattered. It was obvious to see she was coming from her heart, and usually reveling in the mischief she was causing, but it was all very good natured and for her, totally liberating.

She enjoyed life to the full right up to the end because she seemed to accept that old age was creeping up on her and adjusted her mindset accordingly. People loved to visit her as she sat regally in her armchair holding court as if she were the Queen, she loved holding babies and liberally dispensing wisdom to the many people, young and old, who came in their droves to visit her.

It occurred to me when I was younger, that the world is a dangerous place and if I made it to sixty years old I would have had a pretty fair innings, and anything over and above that would be bonus time. Let’s just say I’m well into that bonus time now and loving every golden moment (except when I have to waste my precious time doing my tax return) because I’m following her example and doing what I love.

I feel blessed because I am still able, physically and mentally, to skipper my boat, and I try to look after my health assiduously but not obsessively (your health is undoubtedly your most treasured asset). I never torture myself with violent exercise like aerobics, but keep flexible by doing Tai Chi, which is respectful to the body. I still do a few DIY and carpentry jobs around my house and in my beloved shed/workshop, and I’m learning the piano. And then there’s writing.

Writing is the way in which I express myself best. It’s the only thing I excel at and I love doing it. My lifelong dream has been to produce books, and now I have had two of them published with more in the pipeline.

Life Coaching has given me so much as well, especially as I now understand that achieving any goal is absolutely doable, if they are the goals that are right for you and if you have a genuine, burning desire to achieve them.

But best of all, as you get older you gather experience, and that’s what really adds quality to your life. Experience is something you cannot buy or be taught or be trained in. The only way to gain experience is to put in the hard yards, put your money where your mouth is, get your finger out and do something – preferably something you love – and master it.

So please, we all get older, there is no escape from that, but no more lamenting or complaining about it. Live every day as if it were your last, focus on the positives and enjoy every moment.

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