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Local Author and Life Coach Dave Robson describes a powerful technique to discover your true passion.

People have many reasons for denying their true passion. For example



  • I could never make a living out of that
  • It’s not a worthy profession
  • I’m not good enough
  • It’s impossible
  • I’m not qualified
  • Too much effort required
  • I’m not passionate about anything


I have no truck with any of these because I’ve proved to myself many times that anything is worth doing if you strongly believe in it and, more important, if you believe in yourself.

If you accept that, Immediately two very important questions arise, “How do I believe in myself?” And “How can I believe in this passion if I don’t know what’s right for me?” If this is starting to sound familiar, odds on it’s because you are out of touch with your heart and your conditioning has taken over.

If you want to take control of your life your journey has to begin with self-enquiry, because only by getting to know yourself inside out can you get in touch with yourself and find out what’s best for you.

You are far more likely to excel, and therefore to be successful and happy with that success, when you develop something you love and are naturally good at.

So where to begin? Try this simple, powerful technique. It’s called “How do I feel…?”

Make a list of everything you are interested in and examine them one by one. For example, imagine you’re actually doing the first activity on your list. Ask yourself, “how do I feel about what I’m doing?” Please note: Don’t ask yourself what you think, ask yourself how you feel. Repeat the exercise for every item on your list, no matter how impossible it might seem, and as fast and spontaneously as possible, so you don’t have time to think.

If you are honest with yourself the answers you get will come from your heart and not from your mind. They might be challenging and not what you want to hear, which might shock you. Your heart is unaffected by your conditioning and will always give you true guidance. It will never lead you astray as long as you listen carefully to its still, small voice.

Only you know how you feel, what drives you, what makes your heart sing, what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about. Have the courage of your convictions. Finding your passion is an affair for your heart, not for your mind.

Next month we’ll discuss why too much thinking is an absolute passion killer.

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