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How to break through to success (in a nutshell)

Those of you who subscribe to my monthly e-newsletter, Namaste, will know that I’ve devoted a lot of attention to experiencing my own breakthroughs on many levels this year, mainly by helping my clients and Namaste readers achieve their breakthroughs. In so doing I’ve put many of my coaching ideas and theories into practise to test them again, and we’re really beginning to reap the fruits now.

This is a summary of what we’ve learned so readers of this magazine can benefit too.

First, I’m more convinced than ever that it is possible for your business to flourish even in a recession if you adapt to changing times and learn new ways. Primarily I’m referring to the internet and social media. My message – don’t hesitate to learn whatever you need to learn and make the necessary changes.

Also very important – it’s crucial to maintain a positive, pro-active, can-do mindset. Therefore don’t entertain negative input. Don’t listen to doom and gloom merchants (the man in the pub), especially if they have no experience of what you’re trying to achieve.

During the Olympics we heard almost only positive stories. We proved that the UK is still a great place to live and do business, and showed what can be achieved on an organisational level. But most inspiring was seeing so many of the world’s top achievers demonstrating excellence at every turn. Miss this vital lesson at your peril! Also, notice that highly ambitious goals are not achieved in five minutes – in some cases not even in five years. Serious application, devotion and dogged determination day after day, keeping that dream alive, is what it takes.

We can transfer this mindset to our everyday employment. Will you do whatever it takes, for however long, to make your business successful? If you take my approach and do what you love, you probably will.

Finally, don’t become fixated on money or you put the cart before the horse. Of course you need a financial plan, but once you’ve done that, put it to one side and ask yourself, “how can I make my product or service better?” “In what new/ extra ways can I be of service to my clients?” “How can I add more value to what I offer?” and “what compelling benefits can I add for people who do business with me?”

That in a nutshell is the essence of 21st. Century marketing, and the way forward in today’s economy.

Finally, if you’ve been reading my articles in this magazine and regularly putting into practise some of the powerful things we’ve been talking about over the last 11 months, you will have been working hard at some pretty serious stuff. So this month, in the spirit of Christmas, I want to tell you about some excellent resources I can offer you either free or at very low cost to support you in transforming your life. There’s no room to do that here, so I’ve created a special web page at http://daverobsoncoaching.co.uk/resources_44.html and I urge you to visit. It’s my way of saying “thank you and merry Christmas.”


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