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Local author and life coach, Dave Robson, reveals why meditation is the greatest gift existence can give you, and how you can benefit.

It’s impossible to overstate the many benefits you can get from meditation, yet to the best of my knowledge, none of the coaches I have ever met uses this amazing coaching tool to anywhere near its potential. In my opinion they are missing a trick, and so are their clients. I encourage all my clients to meditate. Anyone can do it and don’t worry, if you’ve never done it before, you can get my notes that explain my simple method that anyone can do.

But first, here are just four of the many reasons why meditation is such an empowering and liberating practice:

  •  When you start to meditate you develop the art of witnessing. This is tremendously helpful in finding a balance and gaining a true perspective on what’s really going on for you and what’s really important
  •  Meditation helps you build your awareness, and with awareness you become empowered to make free choices. Otherwise you choose unconsciously and in all likelihood, end up sabotaging yourself, maybe without ever knowing why
  • Meditation helps you discover who you really are so you gradually accept yourself and then freely give expression to your innate creativity. This helps you reduce stress, find peace of mind, drop sabotaging behaviour, align with your heart and tune in to its infallible guidance
  • Once you learn the technique and get the knack, you can do it at home or any place, anytime, on your own or as a group, and it costs you nothing!

In fact… meditation is perhaps the greatest gift existence can give you!

Special Report

If you find this interesting and you’d like to read my special LifeGuide report entitled Meditation and the acceptance of what is, which goes into far greater depth, please type into the top address line of your browser (not the Google search box) the following code: www.daverobsoncoaching.co.uk/meditation_30.html


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