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The dangers of too much thinking

Too much thinking – the ultimate passion killer!

“Too much thinking is an absolute killer.  Too much thinking leads to what coaches call ‘analysis paralysis.’”

I started my book, The Five Pillars of Happiness, with these exact words, because this is such a vital issue. Yet it’s much overlooked and misunderstood.


Excessive thinking sabotages your authenticity, spontaneity, ability to take action, creativity, joie de vivre and your sense of purpose. It suppresses your spirit and perpetuates a state of confusion. You are unable to function effectively. In short it destroys everything that leads to a joyful and spontaneous existence.

Too much thinking nurtures procrastination, indecision, self-doubt, fear, feelings of failure, low self-esteem, negativity and depression. So if overthinking is your pattern, try reducing your thinking and start feeling and acting instead.

When you start creating goals, look into your heart, not into your mind, so you formulate goals that truly align with the real you.

“Surely thinking is good,” I hear you say. After all, our education system encourages us to develop our thinking capacities, and to use our minds to solve our problems. We are encouraged to think for ourselves.

Of course our ability to think is wonderful and to be developed. But there’s a problem. Our minds are so powerful they often take over and run everything in our lives. We are all subject to conditioning and only too often your mind picks up unconscious sabotaging messages that can ruin everything for you.

This is especially important when seeking your passion.

Here’s a hypothetical example. As you grow up, your mind gives you many reasons why it would be “sensible” to become a solicitor, a doctor or an accountant, but your heart tells you to pursue a tennis career. What to do?

No amount of thinking will give you a satisfactory answer. The only course of action that will give you peace of mind, a good night’s sleep and the feeling you are fulfilling your life’s purpose is to do what you love. For then you’ll love what you do.

Sometimes I meet people who are depressed. In almost every case the depression is alleviated when they stop being “sensible” and start following their passion. This can’t be a coincidence.

I’ve begun to realise, from the feedback I’ve been getting lately, that I’m leading a quite revolution in coaching here in Muswell Hill, because my take seems to be radically different from other coaches. Yet it seems obvious to me: let’s get things back in balance. Listen to your heart when appropriate and don’t overthink everything. Your mind is a powerful tool. Let it be your servant, not your master.

Next month we talk about meditation – a valuable tool for building self-awareness, and a powerful portal to your heart.

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