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Home Care Preferred Opens a New Franchise

Franchise Owners (and mother-daughter partnership) Angie and Shir-Li have launched their new business. Angie, having worked as a Senior Vice President in the banking sector in Malaysia, decided to move to the UK and invest in a Home Care Preferred Franchise, a model and sector very close to her daughter, Shir-Li’s, heart. In the past, Shir-Li had worked as a team leader and care coordinator for Home Care Preferred after her graduation. Their partnership signals the start of an exciting new family venture with support from Boon-Leong, Angie’s husband.

Why did you decide to open your own franchise business?

Angie: I was at retirement age and I decided that I wanted to invest in a business for the future of my children. I wanted them to benefit from how I spent my retirement money. I decided to leave my Senior Vice President position and move to the UK and open a care business.

Why did you decide to work together?

Shir-Li: Angie, Boon-Leong and I all have a great relationship – they trust me completely. I believe trust is the foundation for any business so deciding to work together was an easy choice for us. We have a very practical approach and always try to resolve any differences through discussions.

 What do you like about the Home Care Preferred franchise opportunity?

Shir-Li: Having previously worked at Home Care Preferred I really like the company and how it operates. We wanted to ensure that we start a care business where quality is at the forefront and I know Home Care Preferred’s ethos and values reflect this. It was a deciding factor for us.

What strengths do you each bring to the business?

Shir-Li:Angie has the experience in business management, especially the financial aspects. Boon-Leong has the professional experience to support the business and I have experience with the day-to-day operational aspect. We believe both skills sets will come in handy.

What are the challenges and benefits of becoming a franchise owner?

Shir-Li and Angie: “It is good to have help and support in hand, even since we have launched Home Care Preferred Barnet, they have been there for us each step with excellent support. Getting the right support is essential when starting a care business. The support, advice and introduction to the correct systems are beneficial and crucial to having a successful business. A good franchise will provide you all this.

What plans do you have for the future?

Shir-Li: We are en route to growing a highly successful care business with Home Care Preferred in the coming years. We are ambitious and would like to develop further and start more branches with Home Care Preferred’s support.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone considering a franchise?

Shir-Li: If you have the heart to care, you should choose Home Care Preferred. The culture of the company is wonderful. If you are compassionate and caring, you’ll fit in perfectly with people who share your values. The company has a real community feel and is committed to providing quality service. The management team is incredibly caring and supportive as well.

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