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WHAT STOPS YOU? by Dave Robson Life Coach

Take a look at how you stop yourself, and what you can do about it, with local Author and Personal CoachDave Robson.

Pretty much every one of us sooner or later runs into a roadblock, something in our mind that stops us dead in our tracks, kills ourmotivation, fills us with fear and panic and freezes us into paralysis. When that happens, our progress and growth grind to a halt.

This is a vital issue for most people and it’s a huge subject – far too big for one article. I hope you’ll understand, it needs careful explanation and it’s going to take more than one monthly instalment to cover this. But bear with me please – I promise it’ll be worth it.

What it is that stops you can be very perplexing and elusive to figure out because more often than not the reason is unconscious. Of course, you need an answer, or at least a solution, if you are to overcome or bypass your block and resume progress towards your intended goal. The good news is that once you have discovered the nature of the blockage you are halfway towards understanding what to do about it. It follows, therefore, that the all-important first step is to develop more awareness around what’s really going on deep inside you.

Why you need to unearth your self-limiting beliefs

As we have seen in earlier articles, every one of us is subject to conditioning in many different forms, and unfortunately some of it is bound to be negative. Even our own interpretations of the experiences we have, or that we witness, can result in negative conditioning. This is almost certainly top of the list of factors that can stop you or make any achievement far more difficult than it need be, and as it usually operates at an unconscious level you might not realise what is happening or why. As long as you remain baffled, you cannot hope to change anything.

I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again, because this is the crucial key:

The voice of your conditioning has nothing to do with the real you.

Let’s cut straight to a fictitious example: You get an idea to start a new business, but while you’re researching your market and putting together your business plan, a little voice creeps in and says, “Is this really such a great idea? I might lose all my money. I’m not very good at making money. I’m not good enough. I always end up a failure.”

Now you might have a goal that says, “My new business will make me a millionaire within three years,” but if you continue to walk around with the self-limiting belief “I’m not very good at making money,” it’s very unlikely you will ever make any significant amount. You may honestly believe your stated goal is at the centre of your thoughts, but actually, unbeknown to you, in this case your limiting belief is your dominant thought. And as we seen in a previous article, your mind will always create whatever is the subject of your dominant thought.

Something is stopping you from succeeding in your new business, you’re not quite sure what it is, and it’s guaranteeing your continued poverty. Now here’s the bottom line: In a case like this (all too common I’m afraid) you cut yourself off from any possibility of creating anything worthwhile, be it wealth or anything else, while your self-limiting beliefs remain unconscious.

Yet again I come back to the importance of getting to know yourself inside out and making every effort to raise your level of self-awareness as much as possible. If your life is to be harmonious, you need to see and recognise everything you believe about yourself in graphic detail.


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Next month we will explore more deeply into self-limiting beliefs and what we can do about them.

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