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life coachA Success Diary is a must for anyone who even faintly perceives themselves as a failure, a non-achiever, not worthy, a misfit, unlovable, incapable, incompetent, not talented, unimpassioned, depressed, or finds it hard or impossible to achieve anything, and it’s almost certainly a great idea for everyone else too.

“It serves nobody for you to play small,” as Nelson Mandela pointed out. If that describes you, it’s time to get over it. Your Success Diary is yet another amazing tool you can use to do just that.

 Your Success Diary is specifically designed to help you build a positive mindset and to start to experience yourself as a successful ‘can-do’ person.

How it works

You go into your local newsagent and buy a booklet containing blank pages. This is your personal Success Diary so write your name on it in big letters above the words SUCCESS DIARY.

From then on, anytime you do something even remotely successful you write it in your Success Diary. It’s a good idea to go well over the top with plenty of hyperbole and wild exaggeration in describing how fantastic the success is, why it’s so significant, what a great advance you have made, and so on. Bear in mind this is for your eyes only, therefore you can write anything you like in it, however personal, without embarrassment or inhibition.

The exaggeration helps in reinforcing the new message you are wishing to implant into your unconscious mind for reprogramming deeply ingrained mindsets and self-limiting beliefs.  It also gives you a chance to express yourself at length.

Primarily, writing up your Success Diary causes you to focus your attention on your successful endeavours, which in itself is bound to help you manifest further success. It helps you create a new habit of thinking about yourself as successful, because while you are doing that you can’t think about yourself as a failure.

Most importantly, you will start to associate yourself and success as inextricably linked. You will develop an invisible aura of success around yourself and gradually you will find yourself attracting success more easily.

self esteemThis is a powerful auto-suggestion technique for you are strongly planting positive dominant thoughts into your mind, which puts you in control. When you write up your successes you choose positive messages to plant in your conscious and subconscious minds. And by carefully choosing only positive input, you make positive outcomes a habitual result. This is especially powerful because those messages are based on your experience of success, so you know they are true.

You can update your Success Diary at any time, as long as you do it regularly, you put everything successful in it, and don’t let it lapse.

Then one day a few months later when you get a wobbly moment of self-doubt, with your new self-awareness you can ask yourself, “am I justified in doubting my ability to be successful, or is it just my old habit trying to reassert itself?” If you are still in doubt you now have a growing body of physical evidence that you can re-read to remind yourself, “Hey, I can be successful! I am already successful! I have always been successful!” It’s there in black and white in your Success Diary so you can stop beating yourself up. And don’t forget, when you send your saboteur packing like this, of course you have another success to record!

If you keep at it, eventually success will become your new default setting and I assure you, you will be a much happier bunny as a result.

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