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Makeup lessons with Gemma Waugh

gemma waugh

Where did you learn the art of putting on makeup? I’m pretty sure 99% of us studied at our mum’s knee and imitated that. I’m in the 1% as I was a proper tomboy; notwithstanding I must have picked up something as I have been “putting on my face” for more years than I care to remember.

However, I’m a bit of a dullard when it comes to experimenting with a different look. I often admired other people’s makeup and think “WOW I would love to do that”. But all too often I’ve bought the kit and have been unable to master the art. Accordingly, in place of dazzling make-up I have one “look” that can be trotted out daily and embellished with a bit of eye shadow for the rare night out. It’s definitely not a look that will stop people in the street. So when I was offered the chance to have a personal make-up session I jumped at the chance to ring around the changes with my makeup. Enter stage right make up extraordinaire, Gemma Waugh.

Gemma was born into a film industry family and spent her school holidays making tea for actors at her mum’s company Wig Specialities (her mum made the famous Princess Leila plaits and Superman’s “kiss curl”!). After Gemma gained a BA in Hair & Makeup for the Performing Arts she spent the next two decades working as a freelance Makeup Artist and Hairdresser with a vast array of actors and actresses such as Elizabeth Olsen, Demi Moore, Catherin Zeta-Jones, Tom Hardy & Guy Pearce on films including The World is Not Enough, Elizabeth (The Golden Age), Pirates of the Caribbean (On Stranger Tides), The Dark Knight Rises and more recently Mary Queen of Scots.

Since having a family, Gemma has refocused her talents and now provides makeup and hairdressing services for weddings, events, photo shoots as well as private tuition. For our private tuition, Gemma gave us a masterclass in applying makeup explaining each stage to enable us to replicate the look afterwards. Gemma was very generous with her tips and it allowed me to discover all the uses for the myriad of brushes I had at home. Other tips included how to clear away eye shadow residue – you know those bits that fall under your eye which if not dealt with properly end up smudging and making you look like you’d done a few rounds with a boxer!

Whilst I’m not a great fan of looking at myself in the mirror for a long period of time, Gemma’s calm presence and clear explanations enabled me to try a completely new look which I might otherwise have steered clear of. Both my friend and I loved this wonderful experience and now have a whole bunch of new skills to practise at home.

If you are looking for someone to do your makeup for a special event, or if you are considering brushing up your makeup skills I highly recommend getting in touch with Gemma for a chat to see how she can help.

For more information about Gemma’s services:
Visit www.gemmawaugh.com
Email [email protected]
Call Gemma on 07970 918565.
Gemma’s services are available for women, men and transgender people.

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