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Spring/Summer Hair Trends

Dip Dye Charlotte Murray

The pony tail – whether crimped, sleek or mussed-up, the pony tail is back. Pull back and secure it low at the base of the neck.

The root lift – roots are set to be taken to new heights – you can wear it wild or sophisticated.

The side-parting – the parting is drawn firmly down one side, worn long and smoothed, over one shoulder for a neo-punk look or tied back in a sensible pony tail.

The middle-parting with hair tucked behind the ears – results in an ultra-feminine look somewhere between sweetheart and sultry siren.

The twisted knot – this ever-present hair trend comes in bolder incarnations than ever before – twisted up into a Mohican, a classic ballet bun with a twist, or styled into an eccentric crown.

The braid – hide your plaits amongst long, flowing lengths or work them into a bun or tie them loosely at the back – move over Heidi!

The wave – this classic long, loose lengths still has legs giving you the chance to go “au naturelle”

The wet look – roots are wet to create an almost glossy effect, then brushed back to clear the face, while the ends are left untouched giving you a just-off-the-beach look!

The hair accessories – play it bold with shellfish and crustaceans to oversized orchids

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