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Using Essential Oils to Fragrance your Home

Green Room

As the saying goes, “The nose knows.” That’s never clearer than when we walk into a room and inhale. What do we smell? The lingering odor of last night’s dinner in the kitchen…a musty scent in the bedroom…a feeling of “dead space” when you walk into the dining room or lounge area. These types of sensual perceptions influence the way we experience a room, or a home. In fact, you may feel less productive, less sociable or just a bit lethargic in a particular space. Aromatherapy, the use of plant extracts and essential oils to affect mood and promote health, can help. Essential oils can be applied to the skin or inhaled (carefully—they’re powerful!) to soothe a variety of health conditions; or they can be used to enhance the atmosphere of your home.

How they work: When inhaled, the aromas of essential oils are “decoded” by our olfactory system and a particular “message,” depending on the oil used, is sent to our emotional system, where it affects our mood and this can help  to enhance each room of your home.


Each essential oil is known to elicit a specific emotional response. Most people know that lavender is calming, whereas orange is stimulating. But there are many others to choose from. You’ll have to decide about the ambience and the aroma you would like in each room. Because many essential oils have antibacterial and antifungal properties, you also are making the air more healthful at the same time.  Use a scent in only one or two rooms at a time as having a scent in every room at once could put you into olfactory overload. To give you an idea of how these essential oils can be used, let’s take a walk around your home to find out how essential oils can “clear the air,” so to speak.


Oils: Chamomile, lavender, geranium.    For: Tranquility, peace, sleep.

Living/Dining room

Oil: Orange, Ylang Ylang, Pettigrain  For: Encourages socializing and lively conversation. Brightens a room and is  uplifting.


Oil: Rosemary.   For: Welcoming your family and guests


Oil: Lemon, TeaTree, Pine, cinnamon  For: Clearing the air of stale smells and keeping free from bacteria, uplifting


Oil: Mint.       For: Energizing.


You’ll want to determine how much of the room you want to scent…

In a small space Put 5 to 10 drops of essential oil (depending on how strong you want it) on a cotton ball, and leave it in a small bowl or dish. Or add oils to water reservoir of room diffuser.

In larger spaces Add about 10 drops of any essential oil to an empty spray bottle and the top it up with spring water. Spray up into the air but not toward wood furniture or the floor since the oils could stain the wood. The fragrance lasts for about 15 minutes. To get a longer-lasting effect, use a room diffuser, an electric device that creates a cold mist of the essential oil and water.

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