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Cerafill Hair thining treatment

Thicker fuller hair instantly with Cerafill

We’ve been waiting for this to hit the shelves for longer than we care to admit.

Cerafill is here!

Cerafill is a breakthrough solution for hair-thinning problems. It’s a science-based product that will feel like you’ve added 1,000’s of new hairs to your head after one use and, if used over time, it will actually re grow your hair. It adds not only instant volume, but density and more hair! How can it cause re growth in hair? It stimulates the blood supply to encourage cell rejuvenation and unclogs the hair follicle so stunted hair can grow through adding new hair fibres.

Cerafill is an in salon treatment for an instant plumping effect or a take home package for prolonged treatment.  Cerafill is offered to you in two different lines: The Defy line and The Retaliate line. The Defy line should be used by those with normal to thin hair and the Retaliate line is specially formulated for those in the advanced stages of thinning hair, showing obvious hair loss on their scalp.

Book your consultation today with your stylist to go over a hair-growth plan that’s best for your particular needs.

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