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Do we make our own luck?

Dave Robson

Now here’s a question that’s been hotly debated since time immemorial: Do we make our own luck? I’ve also heard it said that there’s no such thing as luck.

Over the years I’ve helped many clients achieve the life they yearn for, and a good proportion of them arrived at my door tied in knots of frustration over this issue. “Why do great things happen to other people?” they ask, or “why do I never seem to get a lucky break?”

My own experience has shown me that in the long run, we get what we expect, and that’s not because of some magic power of the Universe that you have to get in tune with, it’s simply because the most powerful tool we have, our mind, works by manifesting more of whatever our dominant thought is. So if we dwell on being unlucky, that’s what we will be, whereas if we focus on having fantastic luck, that’s what we will get – exactly in the same way that people who expect to have accidents seem to end up having more of them.

There’s no rocket science in this. Briefly, your mind will drive you consciously and unconsciously to take whatever action is necessary to actualise what you are thinking about most of all. So if you focus on getting lucky, you will automatically take the appropriate steps needed to make it more likely you will get what you want. And when we get it, we interpret that as lucky. So in that sense, we do manifest our own luck.

Of course we need to take a realistic approach to this by adopting workable strategies, and in that respect by using a little foresight there are things you can do by taking the right action now so that when an opportunity comes along you are ready to pounce on it straight away. For a real life example, someone I knew had an elderly mother who was quite well off and he knew that when she died, he and his brother would inherit a sum of money and her house.

Of course he didn’t want his mum to die and he knew he’d be sad when the time came, but he acknowledged the inevitability of it happening. That set him to wondering how best to use the funds that would be coming his way and he decided, as the pension he was heading for was rather light, that he would invest in property to generate an additional passive income, something he had never done before, and began educating himself and doing lots of research about how to set about property investment, and how it could work for him.

Because of that, when the time came some three years later, he was ready for the windfall that came his way, and while the probate was going through on his mother’s estate he started looking at properties in earnest. Finally, when the money appeared in his bank account he began very carefully investing.

Of course he made many beginners mistakes at first, but he dealt with those and after a while money started flowing in and he was able to retire.

You might say that’s not making your own luck, but it is certainly preparing the ground to let good fortune shine upon you.

Do you think Andy Murray relied on luck when he won Wimbledon? Of course not. He took the right action by working super-hard to perfect his game so when a few lucky breaks came his way, he was able to capitalize on them. That, coupled with a winning attitude, made him unstoppable.

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