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Editor’s Note August 2014

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Becky Beach Editorial

Becky Beach editorial. The decision to move from working in the city (long hours, booze and more long hours) to producing magazines that provided me the chance to champion local businesses as well as work around a young family (long hours, nappies and more long hours) started in June 2005. 109 issues later I still work long hours, I still champion local business, I have replaced the nappies with booze and/or cake and I love every minute of it.

During this time I have seen lots of changes. Some high street businesses have faltered under the weight of high rents/rates. Some businesses have embraced the huge surge forward towards online business. Others have remained niche. There has been a determined effort to stop the march of same-ness on our high street with campaigns encouraging us to spend with our local independents.

Over the last decade the economy has ducked and dived more times than a boxer and the recent 0.8% growth in the British economy returns us to where we were at this time in 2008. A part of that rise is due to small, independent business owners who have created jobs and provided services that create the wealth to pay the tax that provides our schools, runs our hospitals, pays benefits and funds the overseas aid.

A point that I keep returning to in my editor’s note is that our independent businesses are run by passionate, erudite business people who believe in what they do and want to provide local residents with the very best they can offer.  By spending your money in your local economy you are protecting jobs and businesses, the social fabric and well being of your local area. Last year, the CLES (Centre for Local Economic Strategies) did some research for FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) about the value of a £1 spent locally – the results are compelling and show how shopping locally has a positive impact on the community! They discovered that for every £1 spent locally around 50p – 70p of that money re-circulates back into the local economy. For the same £1 spent out of town or online only 5p trickles back to the local community. These figures show the enormous impact your choice of where to spend can have and I hope it encourages you to continue to spend with local independent businesses.

As with any business there will be change. As the fundamental part of the magazine is to spread the word about our local businesses, we have taken the step of increasing its circulation. We will therefore be delivering to 10,000 homes in the area over a two month period as from the September/October issue. So, please remember to hold onto your magazine when you next receive it so that you can continue to find businesses and services in and around the area. If you do mislay it you can always view it online at beckybeach.net together with the maps which show where we are delivering to.

Until next time, much sweetness

Becky Beach
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