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Editor’s Note January 2018

This year our Christmas was spent up North. We joined forces with family and friends to celebrate our gorgeous niece’s 21st birthday on Christmas Eve with a surprise party. Although we were staying in an apartment, we were able to complete the tradition of a mince pie and whisky for Santa and a carrot and milk for Rudolph as there is still a small person in our lives who still believes in the magic. After that we hunkered down with the family at my sister-in-law’s farmhouse made complete with walking her alpacas, Coco and Piers! A six-hour journey back home brought us back to reality with New Year’s celebrations being on the quiet side as himself was working.

I’d know it was January even if I didn’t own a calendar. My emails are seething with low-interest rate loan offers “to help combat the excesses of Christmas”. In my social media timeline I’m being bombarded with promotions of shakes and replacement meal bars paraded by honed and toned ladies, likewise “to help combat the excesses of Christmas”. Add to that the newspaper and magazine articles on how much better you will feel for undertaking a regular juice cleanse or clearing out your wardrobe, and “10 resolutions on how to get wealthier” or “how to make 2018 the year you achieve your dreams” it’s a wonder we achieve anything constructive as we’re too busy trying to work out what to do.

I love the idea of a fresh start, of being able to leave the dross and bad times behind and move forwards. But the rubbish bits of life are there (hopefully) to remind us to be thankful for the good bits. So instead of trying to erase them perhaps the answer is to look at them differently e.g. “what can I do better/different next time”. Obviously there are things you can’t do anything about but can learn from. For example, on our way back home, I received the very sad news that my Great Uncle Ray had passed away at the age of 104. Ray claimed his longevity was all down to his twice-weekly ballroom dancing with my Great Aunty Dolly and a shot of brandy.  Perhaps swapping my wine for brandy and tripping the light fantastic may help me enjoy a longer life?

Whatever you have planned for 2018 may I take this chance to wish you all the very best!

Becky Beach
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