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Editor’s Note July 2016

So here we all are. The recent referendum has left everyone high and dry in the same boat because one man pursued a vanity vote. Cameron believed he’d pull this off and the UK would remain in the EU and he would claim all the glory. The other allegedly intelligent men treated the public like children offering them sweeties such as cutting or even stopping immigration and flooding the NHS with money. This referendum was the equivalent of light the blue touchpaper and stand well back and the effect may be remembered in the annals of time as the UK Pandora’s Box.

In less than a week we have:

  1. Discovered that people don’t understand how precious a vote it is – there was a terrifying number of people who said they didn’t believe that we would go and so they voted leave in protest.
  2. Watched aghast as politicians made statements of fact which were blatant lies and got away with it.
  3. Stared in embarrassment as both the Conservative and Labour parties very publicly pulled themselves apart.
  4. Been repulsed by the racist divisions that have been growing for years and now have finally been exposed across the country.

The outcome of the referendum is not legally binding and there have been all sorts of suggestions that it could be vetoed either by legislation, Scotland or the possibility of a second vote. But whilst 48% of the nation clings onto these nuggets of hope, the reality is that the political landscape has changed so radically it would be impossible to fly in the face of the result.

David Cameron has left the invocation of Art 50 to whomsoever takes his place – as I write the choice is between Stephen Crabb, Liam Fox, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom & Theresa May; Boris Johnson has packed his bags and disappeared. The Labour party is ridden with strife – resignations galore and a lot of hot air being expelled over a leadership challenge. So at present we have no one really in charge, a hugely resentful and disengaged public and NO DEFINED EXIT PLAN.

Our outcome is unknown (we can’t compare it to Iceland’s departure) and will undoubtedly be fraught. We need a strong leader that will stop making things “all about them” and make it “all about us”. We need politicians to listen to the fears of their communities, to identify the issues that need to be resolved and find ways to achieve resolution.

I’m not convinced that anyone currently on offer is up to the job. So maybe we should do as someone suggested on Twitter. “Let’s ask Nicola Sturgeon to move into No10 and lead the whole country. Kind of like maternity cover – just until everyone grows up.”

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