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Editor’s Note for March 2016

They say “a change is a good as a rest” so with that in mind I threw us into a changing rooms scenario that would have put Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen to shame.

The change was prompted by a need to create more space for our two growing boys. No, actually I’m just trying to kid myself. The real reason was that they boys encroached into two rooms so we wanted to give them one big room which housed all their toys and the X-box; something that allowed us to shut the door on and keep the cacophony that emanated from games and the grating voices of their favourite YouTubers in THEIR space rather than in ours.

So during the recent half term we threw ourselves into transforming the house. Al, with the aid of graph paper and a metal ruler drew up the battle plans. We just needed to steady the nerves to get going.

I took the first move of relocating the X-box and the multiple units of (vastly underused) toys out of the boys’ playroom. Thereafter the pattern was:

finish one room

move “stuff” from the next room to be made over into another room

make next room over

and repeat x 4.

We’ve done 3 rooms and are now left with one room which will ultimately become a study/workspace that is bulging with “stuff” that needs to be sorted out. Fortuitously I have enlisted the help of a local nursery to give a good home to soft toys and books. There will be plenty of trips to local charity shops with the remainder of stuff and then the final transformation can take place. Once this room is completed I shall have a Zen type space complete with fish to plot my world domination of the advertising industry. Oh, hang on a minute, my office is right next to the boys’ new bedroom/playroom *jumps online and orders ear defenders*


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