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Editor’s Note: September 2014

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Travelling abroad with kids

Traveling abroad with kids

The summer holidays whipped round sooner than expected and hubs and I were planning to take our 2 boys abroad for the first time. We were prepared, sort of, well actually not at all. Our last holiday abroad was a dim memory from a decade ago so we sought advice from other seasoned travellers and soon had a collection of hot spots to consider; then the old chestnut about passports arose. Quickly 2 renewals and one 1st time application were entered into the system. And then we waited with bated breath; 2 renewals came back in 8 days. Phew, we just one step from passing go and collecting 200 Euros; we waited, waited and waited some more. I prompted hubs to call; he was told that the passport application was at stage 2 but not told what stage 2 was. He was told it was on track and should be with us 4 weeks after the application was submitted i.e. another 5 days to go. So, we waited, waited & waited some more. And PING! 4 days past the ETA came the text message saying it was being printed and so wheels were set in motion.

During the waiting I didn’t look at any potential holiday destinations; the boys would have coped with camping again but I had my heart set on warm sand and sea and would have been heartbroken not to go. But once that parcel containing the inimitable faux red leather document arrived there was no stopping us. Sat on opposite sides of the kitchen table with a laptop apiece we metaphorically swum the shores of many a destination until FINALLY we found what we wanted. A week in Ibiza minus the foam parties and DJs!

I sussed out that travelling abroad does not require the flotilla of goods that we usually take camping. So we packed conservatively and I was mentally back-patting us until I saw most of the other passengers had the entire contents of their two week holiday crammed into matchbox-sized suitcases to take on board. But I dare say that if you wear a bit of floss on the beach and slather yourself in foam of an evening perhaps all that’s needed is some shower gel which doesn’t require so much space as the ensemble for family of four?

Packing envy aside, we had a grand time travelling abroad with kids! I’d forgotten the joys of being in the Mediterranean and the boys loved it; but given that it took hubs 8 years to persuade me to forget a bad experience of camping and go back under canvas may mean he will regret his decision to let me loose in Europe again!

Until the next time, much sweetness!

Becky Beach
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