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Valentines day fashion

When 14th February approaches it’s time to think about romance and dressing up for the one you love. Many people head out for a meal on Valentine’s Day, but it’s nice to think about preparing a treat or two for afterwards as well! This means thinking creatively about layering – wearing some stunning underwear for later on as well as choosing an outfit that looks sexy and really enhances your figure.

So where do you start? The answer is with colours.

Valentines day fashionRed or black?

These could be thought of as the classic colours of romance. Black lace underwear paired with a red dress for example, or perhaps cheeky red underwear with a little black dress – either combination works.

Of course you should always stick with what works for you. Not everyone looks good in red, so don’t feel obliged if you know it doesn’t suit you. There are other shades and colours that aren’t too far away, such as girly pink for example, not to mention flowery dresses of many colours that have a splash of red in them.

The little black dress needs no introduction, but do splash out on a new one if you can. The real moral here is not to overcomplicate things. You can end up looking the very opposite of how you wanted to look, which brings us to our next tip…

Give yourself time

A Valentine’s Day outfit cannot be thrown together in a matter of minutes – not if you care how you look anyway. That’s why it is best to have at least a few days to pull one together, ideally a bit longer if you can. You need to focus on what will look best and how you can achieve the right romantic mood.

Another aspect to bear in mind is where you will be going on Valentine’s Day. If you are being whisked away to a smart restaurant then it makes sense to dress up for the occasion. However if you are spending a romantic evening at home, where your other half will cook you a delightful dinner, you can do something else. Romance means different things to different people too, so don’t feel you have to dress up in red heels and a stunning red dress if you wouldn’t normally. Valentine’s Day romance could mean a funky knitted jumper with ‘Will you marry me?’ written on it. Who knows? Be brave and bold and make your own fashion statement this Valentine’s Day – it could mean more than any beautiful dress would mean to anyone else.

To this end, why not trawl the internet looking for ideas that appeal to you and your partner’s sense of fashion and fun this Valentine’s Day? Feel free to steer clear of sexy black underwear and go for dusky blue instead if that makes you feel good. Avoid the little black number and go for the amazing flirty pink dress you saw the other week instead. Look and feel your very best this Valentine’s Day.


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