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Fashion: The Future’s Looking Bright for Pepper & Mayne

Pepper & Mayne

Pepper & Mayne Fashion

The Future’s Looking Bright for Pepper & Mayne

Wander into a shop called Genevieve in North London and you’ll come across a clothing range from a company called Pepper & Mayne. It’s a quirky name that first got underway in 2013, and it is now entering its third season. Even in that short time the clothing range is standing out as one to be appreciated for the future. With features in magazines as diverse as Tatler, Womens’ Health, The Mayfair Magazine and The Sunday Times Style, the range has also been paraded in front of a wide audience.

Pepper & Mayne is owned by Leigh, a woman who counts designer Matthew Williamson among her inspirations. However make no mistake – Leigh has a unique style of her own, and one that has come through and developed throughout every season so far.

One particular comment Leigh made about the clothes was that they’re “suited for studio to street.” You can understand that comment by taking a closer look at even a few of the items in the latest range. They are quintessentially English – understated and elegant, underscored with a slightly French twist – ultra chic fabrics and a nod to Parisian street style. You’d feel just as much at home wearing them on a casual Sunday morning strolling round the shops as you would taking part in a fitness session at your local studio.

Quality is exceptionally important to Leigh, especially as many of her items have to stand up to all kinds of activities. To say that most of the items sit well within casual wear is to do them a disservice. Every item is designed with the highest quality materials and is breathable, making it more comfortable to wear regardless of the activity you’re taking part in. Leigh has kept as much of the manufacturing process within the UK as possible, with half the range now manufactured in the UK.

The latest collection features some familiar items with a fresh twist. A great example is a pure white tee shirt featuring an unusual ruched front design. This style is also available in black and pairs up nicely with some sheer leggings. You can now feel confident and stylish whenever you head out on a casual day, or attend a class you want to look good at. It is this area that has felt something of a challenge before in the fashion world. Now however Leigh’s experience in fashion and in the dance industry has given her a unique insight that is now paying dividends. (Matt Roberts is a fan and even supported the label with a pop-up event to celebrate the new season earlier this month.)

As time goes on and more people find her collection and style, Pepper & Mayne is sure to reach an even wider audience, since it offers something rather more unusual than the traditional work-out gear.

Leigh’s background as a former dancer is certainly put to good use in her collections. She then went on to work as a buyer for a number of designers, most recently offering Claudia Schiffer a helping hand on her namesake collection, before embarking on her own set of designs for Pepper & Mayne. Leigh hopes to eventually open her first Pepper & Mayne store in Hampstead, but until then she is reaching new customers by having her range stocked in Genevieve. You can find the shop in Monkville Parade in Finchley Road in North-West London or at pepperandmayne.com.

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