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Get Knitted: Are Knitted Garments Back in Fashion?


You may reasonably ask whether they were ever in fashion in the first place, or conversely, whether they ever went away. It’s certainly been a long time since this was the case. However, with big names including Victoria Beckham rocking their knits in public, it’s only a matter of time until knitted garments reach a wider audience.

And it’s not just a case of jumpers getting in on the act either, although Victoria Beckham certainly made a style statement in her chunky white jumper recently. Knitted dresses are making a comeback too, bringing back memories from the Seventies for some. The only difference is the scratchy knits of old have been replaced with luxuriously-comforting knits that everyone will want to enjoy.

It’s not just clothes, either

While jumpers are the obvious garment when it comes to knitting, bags have also proven to be popular. Thick knitted bags are available in all sizes, as clutch bags as well as over-the-shoulder bags. Some enterprising people have even converted old jumpers into bags once their useful life there has ended.

It’s clearly an area of fashion that is going from strength to strength at the moment.

The quirkiness of the catwalk knits

The catwalk has not been without its huge array of knitted garments in recent months. One of the quirkiest ones we’ve seen was a Benjamin Cho creation – a black woollen dress with two oversized knitting needles (wooden, by the look of it) forming the V-shape at the front. They were completed with the addition of two wooden hands, one on each shoulder, to provide a, shall we say, rather interesting finish. You won’t see that one in the shops, but it certainly made a statement about the popularity of knitting in the fashion world.

Thick, thin and stylish

Knitwear is no longer merely practical – a layer to wear when you’re too cold in your usual clothes. Knitwear has become stylish for the new century, and many will be glad to see it.

Designers can and are very creative with knitwear. Perhaps the idea is to raise it well above the standard jumper fare that most of us would settle for. However, the increasing number of great knitwear products on sale today shows just how big this market is. There may be a big leap between the catwalk and the shops – and one that most designs don’t quite complete – but the inspiration is definitely there.

From thin jumpers and cardigans with a tight knit, to chunky thick jumpers suitable for a day out on a yacht, you can find whatever you need in the world of knitwear today. Knits have become stylish. Knits have plenty to offer. And knits have become far more than just a practical layer to be worn when needed. They’re now an essential part of the fashion world, and we have plenty of celebrities to thank for raising their profile.

Take a closer look the next time you head down the street. You might be surprised at how many knitted garments you spot, or if your thinking of have a go at knitting I love www.woolandthegand.com or www.nestknitting.com

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