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Happy Feet: Review of the Sloafer


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Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? I know my husband does (he has more pairs than me) but by and large women are the biggest consumer of foot adornment.

Back in the day when my mum used to trot me off to the local shoe shop to buy a pair of Start-Rite’s, there was nothing vaguely Cinderella-esque to choose from. Instead decisions were based on comfort and making sure my feet didn’t warp into anything Hobbit-like. There was once a glimmer of hope when I found a pair that were comfortable and flat (two plus points for my mum) but my fantasy was short-lived because the headmistress wouldn’t have allowed me to wear red shoes to school.

Sprint forward 10 years and suddenly the phrase “Life is short. BUY THE SHOES” was my code to live by. The world was my oyster and I was the chief shoe buyer. Was this necessarily a good thing? Psychologists say that trying on shoes gives you a dopamine hit which rapidly descends when you go to pay for them. However, I learnt at the altar of Carrie Bradshaw who showed me how shoes can be justified on many levels, from being something that can be worn several times a week to how they can reinvigorate an old outfit by providing a punch of pzazz. That gave me permission to swipe the card and exit stage right with a bag slung over my shoulder and continue the dopamine hit for a bit longer.

But then fast forward another 10 years, and I found I had come full circle in terms of buying shoes. I’d realised that vertiginous heels are not comfortable (were they ever?). I’d also introduced small people into my life and running around with a pram and accompanying paraphernalia doesn’t go hand in hand with a heel that was more than 1cm high. So, I cocooned my tootsies in shoes that were either too flat and had little support or donned my favourite trainers. Neither option was good for foot health, but more importantly, I missed the sparkle that comes with wearing something more va-va-voom.

I never thought there’d be a compromise, but there is now! Local couple Lucy & Mike Herron recently launched Sloafer, and their Sneakerpump combines the best of sneakers and ballerina pumps – comfortable and casual but smart and stylish. I was given a pair to test and can confirm that Sloafer’s Sneakerpumps are awesome. The upper is made of elegant leather and suede with bow detail.  An EVA midsole, rubber outsole and a contoured, supporting innersole provide all-day sneaker comfort. It’s perfect for running about town, zipping up to the shops or doing the school run. The big plus point for me, however, is its seamless integration with smart or evening wear. It means I can ditch the trainers and rock on up in my Sloafers to see clients. Likewise, I can accept a last-minute invitation to meet friends for a drink without the worry about taking some heels to change into.

So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect shoe that will take you through the day, I highly recommend checking out the Sloafer range. The Sneakerpumps that are named after ballerinas will soon be joined by a new set of colours allowing you to mix classic with funky.

For more information visit www.sloafer.com

Email customerservice@sloafer.com

Call 07989 963 229

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