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clothes recycling charity

textile recycling charityTRAID is a charity taking practical action to stop unwanted clothes from being thrown away. We keep clothes and shoes out of landfill to improve the environment and stop waste. The TRAID team collect, sort and then re-sells these clothes in our 11 charity shops located across London.

It’s easy to donate clothes and shoes to TRAID. If you have a lot to donate in one go, we’ll pick it up for free direct from your door (see opposite page for how to book a collection). Or, donate at one of TRAID’s many clothes donation banks or over the counter in one of our charity shops.

Your donations helped TRAID commit nearly half a million pounds to projects in 2013 improving conditions in garment factories and cotton fields around the world – all raised from unwanted clothes. This work includes projects to improve working conditions and wages in Bangladesh which saw one of the world’s worst industrial accidents take place when a garment factory collapsed killing over 1,130 people.

One of the projects TRAID funds in Bangladesh is in partnership with ChildHope helping mothers who are garment workers keep their children safe from exploitation while they are at work.

Lacking education and skills, many women migrate from rural areas where there are no opportunities, and arrive in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka with their children looking for work in the garment sector. They end up living in slums which are places of extreme poverty with limited access to clean water, toilets and health care.

These women earn very low wages (around £35 per month) and are forced to leave their young children (2-5 years) alone, or in the care of older siblings, putting them at risk of accidents, trafficking and sexual abuse. Extreme poverty also sees older children (6 – 16) working in informal or illegal jobs in dangerous conditions, often drug trafficking, to bring in more money.

In 2013, TRAID committed £100,000 to tackle these problems by establishing 2 day care centres in Dhaka, located by the garment factories, where mothers can leave their children in a safe environment where they can play and learn.

The centres are providing activities, skills training and basic education for 250 street and working children aged 6 – 16 years, and quality day care and activities for 150 younger children aged 2 – 5. Priority is being given to children at the most risk of violence and abuse.

As well donating clothing, TRAID is asking you to help us raise an extra £3,000 for this project which will be spent specifically on buying more toys, books and educational materials to equip the two day centres in Bangladesh.

To donate, just text the code FABR23 then £1, £3, £5 or £10 to 70070. For example, to donate £5 text FABR23£5 to 70070.

To find out more about TRAID’s work, to book a free clothes collection or find a clothes donation bank or shop visit www.traid.org.uk.

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