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After a great year the weather is finally demanding we all wrap up warm and get ready for the colder months. Fortunately the world of fashion has borne this in its stride as usual, providing some great looks for men to get to grips with.

Quilted jackets

You cannot fail to stay warm in one of these leading items for winter 2014. They’re appearing on the shelves in many styles, but the quilted effect is guaranteed to provide warmth.

Ankle boots

Sometimes you need a little more than just an average pair of shoes to keep your feet warm, especially if snow is heading your way. Ankle boots of all kinds – from the more rustic styles to the smarter ones – are also in this winter. How many pairs will you succumb to? I am a big fan of Fly London check out www.legendfootwear.co.uk Fly Boots at £89.99.

All styles of pea coats

Ah you can never get enough of the pea coat, which could be why so many of them are hitting the shops this winter. Men can find single or double-breasted options, as well as some more dynamic ones featuring fur collars. Whatever one you choose you’re bound to keep out the cold. Have a snooze around this website www.dufflecoatsuk.co.uk, Pea Coats priced at £169.99.

Think layers

Layers never really went out of fashion, did they? They certainly come into their own in the winter months since they keep the heat trapped right where it should be – close to you. Thinner jumpers layered over the top of smart shirts or t-shirts for a more casual look work just as well in the winter as they do on cooler summer nights.

Watch out for shades of green

It’s not just the clothes themselves that get a makeover for winter 2014. Colour is changing too, and this year shades of green are making a big impression. Since green is the one colour you don’t see much of during the winter, the idea seems to be that we should wear it instead. Watch out for everything from light and pale shades of green to much darker ones as well.

The manket!

We couldn’t write a piece like this without mentioning the rise and rise of the manket. With a moment or two to think about it you might guess this is essentially a man’s blanket. More of these have been seen in the past year or so but it seems as though the end of 2014 is the time for them to really come into their own. The manket is a cross between a cape and a scarf for men, and it is the perfect way to keep warm if you also want to look fashionable. The Telegraph only recently wrote “Why every man needs a ‘manket’ this winter” Needless to say there are plenty of designs to choose from.

So, which styles and items will you be adding to your wardrobe this year and how will you be wearing them?

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