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layeringEven though summer 2013 has been a hot one so far, there will come a time when it comes to an end and autumn starts rolling towards us. With it there will be much cooler temperatures along with a few warmer days sprinkled in for good measure.

Of course this means you can end up wearing skimpy clothes one day and feeling cold and in need of a jumper the next. If you want to get through this transition with the minimum of hassle, you need to learn the trick of layering.

Laid back layering

laid back layeringIf you’ve ever been caught out wearing a jumper and long trousers, only to find the day brightens up and you end up feeling too warm, you’ll love layering. It provides you with the ability to prepare for all weathers – which is exactly what we usually get at this time of year. There can be a change of several degrees between early morning and early afternoon, not to mention the presence or absence of some sunshine, so it makes sense to be prepared.

Of course it’s not enough to simply grab a few layers and throw them together. You need to think creatively as well as applying the basic rule – keep your layers thin. This traps the heat in between the layers and also ensures you can control your body temperature as effectively as possible. Keep your thicker layers for the winter months – no doubt you’ll need them once autumn is over.

Putting your layers together

Think complementary when choosing your layers. It might help to hang or arrange certain clothes next to each other so you can see how good they look. If you are considering updating your wardrobe, you should invest in a few good layers you can mix and match with each other. This can give you plenty of great outfits to enjoy for one low cost effective price.

how to layer your clothesIf you wear two or three layers together on top, you should consider how it will look if you remove one of them. As you can imagine, until you get some experience of layering it makes sense to experiment at home and ensure you will look good no matter how many or few layers you end up wearing.

Don’t forget some of the most versatile accessories you can layer with as well – a scarf or pashmina. You can buy these in all kinds of styles and colours and choose the most appropriate one to go with the outfit you are putting together. Scarves and pashminas are also good to have if it’s not quite cold enough to wear a coat, but you need something to provide that extra little bit of comfort.

Even if this is the first year you’ll ever have tried layering, you will enjoy the results it provides you with. Once you get through your first summer to autumn transition with the help of layering, you’ll never look back again.


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