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Main Looks to Get You Ready for Autumn 2014

Autumn Fashion Main looks to get you ready for Autumn 2014

It hardly seems possible that summer 2014 is coming to an end with a damp August Bank Holiday. However this does mean we have a new season to look forward to, and that means we’re focusing on autumn fashion for covering up with as the temperatures start to drop.

So what can we expect to look out for this year as the weather turns and the nights start to draw in once more?

Look out for the Sixties

Yes it’s a return to the Sixties once more, albeit in altered form. The catwalk shows have brought us many inspiring sights that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Sixties. Look out for the A-line skirts and shifts that will be hitting the stores soon.

Heavily-patterned dresses

If you want to be loud and proud autumn will be the season to do it. The rails look set to welcome in plenty of dresses that feature intensely heavy designs this year. They’ll bring in more subtle, darker and muted colours but they’ll definitely have a big bold look to them.

Romantic and fashionable

Some of the new designs coming in this season will include romantic pieces that wowed the catwalks in recent months. They include light and airy pieces that would be ideal for a first date, not to mention many other romantic situations. Look out for dresses that fit into this bracket in particular.

Long coats with belts

Yes, the humble belt will be the accessory to wear with your chosen type of long coat this year. Some coats will come with the requisite belt while you can choose your favourite belt to accessorise your chosen coat in other situations. Just the thing to keep you warm as the temperature becomes a little less predictable.

The return of the trouser suit – 2014 style

The trouser suit never really went away, but it has been reintroduced in good style this year. You’ll see it in classic shades of black and grey, but you’ll also see it in designer collections, not to mention on the rails of assorted major department stores.

Great fake furs

The catwalks had their fair share of fake fur this season too, as they looked ahead to a solution for keeping warm during the autumn months. Short jackets that made up for lack of length with an increase in width made the cut, along with different designs that would fit with many different outfits.

Is it a scarf or a blanket?

Well it could be both, because this is a real signature piece for this year. It comes in all kinds of colours, shades and designs, and it can go with many different outfits too. This was a real winner on the catwalks and it looks set to make it into the shops this year too.

Trying to find that great look for autumn 2014 is easier than you think. The suggestions above merely scratch the surface but they’ll steer you in the right direction.  Have Fun Caron x

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