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New fashion accessories shop opens in N8

fashion accessories

Fashion Accessories shop in N8

O bag Factory opens in North London

The O bag Factory collection has hit Crouch End with its fab line of unisex fashion accessories from Italy that allow customers the freedom to reveal their personality, style and character through customising their accessories. This unique concept began in 2009 when young designers came up with a watch range called ‘O clock’ (interchangeable watch straps and dials). Since then the range has grown dramatically to include the O bag, with many variations such as the O folder (man bag), O sun (sunglasses) and flower bracelets with new styles launched each season.

I spoke to owner Marcia Robinson to find out more about this innovative and fun accessories business that has just opened.

So, what’s unique about the O bag range?

The stylishly fun brand allows customers to mix and match a wide colour range of bags with interchangeable handles, inner linings and trims of various styles and fabrics. Each part can be switched to create different looks to reflect the wearer’s mood or outfit on the day. The quirky products are durable, fun, hypoallergenic and affordable. The products are made from EVA and when matched with fabric handles, trims, and inner linings makes them truly unique.

O Bag Factory. Image courtesy of Marija Sribna www.marijasribna.co.uk

O Bag Factory.
Image courtesy of Marija Sribna www.marijasribna.co.uk

How did you come across the brand?

I stumbled across a boutique in Brighton that sold mainly leather bags. In the midst of it was the most amazing bright yellow O bag. It grabbed my attention and I loved the texture and how you could change the handles, trims etc. to create a new look. It was bold, clever and affordable and became the centre of attention at a jazz festival I attended that weekend drawing out comments and beginning conversations. That’s when I knew this was something special.

What drove you to become a fashion retailer in Crouch End?

Having worked in the City’s finance sector for 18 years, I felt it was time for a change, a bit of a “now or never” moment! I love fashion but it was when I came across the brand that I knew this was the change I had been waiting for. I’ve dreamed of owning a business, but it had to be the right business and the right time. My City career was about providing quality services to my clients, creating and building strong relationships, so moving into retail was a natural path to expand the skills I had already learned. I live in Crouch End, it’s a wonderfully supportive community, so having a shop here was a must. It’s also very creative and I believe the concept of having products that compliment your personality is perfect for the energy of the area.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are people who want choice, quality, affordability and style. Our products make great gift items too; for example on Mother’s Day you can buy mum an O bag and for her birthday you could buy new handles or a trim, to create a new look. It’s fun to come and shop with a friend or relative and choose with them. Our pop-up shop in Old St. station at Christmas provided customers with an interactive and engaging shopping experience. We loved it!

O bag Factory North London opens 8th March

15 Topsfield Parade, Crouch End
London N8 7HB
Visit us online at www.obagnorthlondon.co.uk
Facebook: obagfactorylondon
Instagram: obagfactorylondon
Twitter: obagfactory

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