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Oh Man…..Looking Hot……


Summer 2015 is here and while we’re hoping for hot weather, one thing we can guarantee is hot fashion trends for the guys. We’ve rounded up some of the key trends that’ll guarantee you look great this year (whatever the weather).

Start with stripes

This is an easy trend to get right and you’ll have plenty of great options to choose from too. Stripes can go either way – horizontal or vertical – and they’re popping up on everything from t-shirts to shorts, through to trousers and jumpers.

White denim

It might sound a little unusual but you’re likely to see white jeans in the stores this summer too. Not ideal for walking the dog but you can pair these with a casual shirt (maybe a striped one?) to look great for an informal meal out.

As an aside, denim in general looks to be in this summer. Denim jackets are coming back in and since they’re cut to be longer and looser, they’ll be ideal for those summer evenings when there’s a chill in the air.

Cool blue

Blue always has that cool look and feel, so you’ll be glad to know you’ll spot this in abundance this summer in men’s clothing. Look out for fresh shades in many offerings on the rails and shelves.

Bomber jackets

These are hitting the rails aplenty, and with lots of different colours, styles and designs you can afford to invest in more than one to give you some great looks. They’re designed to be lightweight too so they won’t be too warm if the hot summer fizzles out before you’re ready for it to do so.


You may think this recommendation has strayed in from the women’s selections for this summer. You’d be wrong. Florals designed with the man in mind are making an impact throughout menswear this year. Some are break-out designs demanding to be paid attention to. Others are more subdued, giving you the chance to find something that suits your character.

Black and white

If colours aren’t your thing you’ll be pleased to hear black and white combos are in this summer too. You will find individual pieces of clothing in black or white, or featuring a design that makes the most of both. From modern edgy designs to ones that are more understated, there’s something here that will make you want to leave your colours in the wardrobe today.

Printed t-shirts

Have these ever gone out of fashion? They’ve yet to do it this year and the summer is ready for some bright fresh entries into the t-shirt category. Check out everything from the sublime to the ridiculous to expand your t-shirt drawer. A different design for every day this summer is perfectly possible.

That should provide you with plenty of inspiration for dressing up with style this summer. With designs suited to long hot days and others for covering up at night or when the weather cools off, you’ll always look your best.

Enjoy x

Caron Westbrook
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